Performers and artists are always creating a new trend!

As an artist myself  I ‘am here to find out more about this new generation of talents that come to NY with their dreams and lot’s of  will power to become the next big star!

















1) What is your name, where are you from , age, profession and what do
you wear mostly everyday?My name is Angelica Persson also called Angelica passion or jelly. I am from Sweden ,I am   24,choreographer , singer, dancer and writer.
Something cute, comfortable, and colorful. I love tribal  influence, but everything gotta be working when I dance or  I  will mostly  just store it in the closet

2) What are your favorite colors? Hardly  one I would dispense,  but  I prefer  bright colors. Green, Red and blue I think for now!
3) How long have been in NYC? Where you mostly shop?I have  been back and forth since 2008  but now I am here to stay!I like to shop  in different small shops in Soho were I can find interesting stuff , there I always can find a lot of cool things.
4) Who is your favorite designer? What its important about this brand? Right now I don’t have  a favorite. I look at cloths and see pieces that I like  and mix it with what I already have so I get a bit of me into it. But personality and kvalatie (quality) is important!
5) How would you describe yourself and your sense of style?  Fun and aware. That’s the  thing I try  to  combine ,because of the  things  that I also  choose to do.
6) What do you think is missing in your wardrobe?
Right now clothes is what I  need more!!!!! I am not a  shopaholic but right now I need  pretty much   everything. Cool pants is a defo!!!!
7) What is your big goals, and how you would like to see yourself in the near future? I hope that my first song: Motion becomes a hit!!I  already got a  very positive response of it , and it  got already  a lot  of views on youtube in only  two days that it have  been up. Its a positive song and I think the world needs that right now , and also anybody can relate to it . In the future I  would like  to tour with my music.
8) What is your big dream as an artist, what is your message? Well I have a lot to say in general  and in life  I think its good quality  when I do my music. I am very happy as a person  and I hope to inspire people just like lots of people inspired me. I think i will be saying a lot more but my first song MOTION is about were  I  was  when i came back  to NYC 2 months ago and I guess I am  still at that point. Its about embracing  WHO YOU ALREADY  ARE  and starve for your goals no matter what. See  your good qualities   and share them and put what YOU wanna do in motion because  people  have  different views of  what you  should or should not do, and it comes down to  what  you do with your time.
Because the one  that’s gonna care most about  your dreams it will be  you!!! So  live  your life and put it in motion! It’s different,  I try to be as creative as I can everyday. Some days are fully booked for example  a rehearsal in the morning, Studio in the after noon and then vocal class in the evening.
Aware thinking of the process, it is  organic  or it is  hurtful for the  environment.
Thanks for having me and let me share some of myself.



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